AR2 » Stanley House, Scheme 2

Stanley House, Scheme 2


Subject: Contemporary domestic new build

Site: Straylands Grove, Heworth

Status: RIBA Stages: A-E

Value: £500,000

Details: A change in circumstances brought Stanley House back to the drawing board. The site and overall aim remained the same, to create a contemporary signature house as desired in scheme 1, but the overall footprint had to be reduced, along with the omission of the first floor. The idea was to continue with the previous design approach, using the same materiality and aesthetic rationale. We proposed continuous ribbon windows around the perimeter of the building with an overhanging feature roof above, replacing the previously proposed first floor. The roof was intentionally kept as a thick slab to maintain the illusion of a floating, solid structure on top of the lightweight ground floor glazing. Solid spine walls run through the length of the building to provide large vertical elements, anchoring the ‘floating roof’ to the ground. This smaller scheme created exciting opportunities to design invisible structural elements and to align cladding, mullions and paving to produce clear, clean unobstructed views and lines through the building.

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