AR2 » Nottingham Station Clerestory

Nottingham Station Clerestory


Subject: Refurbishment of an existing station clerestory

Site: Nottingham Railway, Nottingham

Status: Unknown

Value: Unknown

Details: In 2013/14, Nottingham Train Station underwent a £50million regeneration programme, improvements included a new ticket office, refurbished concourses, a 950-space multi-storey car park and a modernised station entrance. These works threw up a surprise when the removal of the false ceiling and wall cladding, in the former buffet on the platform 4/5/6 island, revealed a clerestory roof above. Most of the original decorative plasterwork had been badly damaged and only a few of the stained glass panels were in a good enough condition to be restored. We were asked to produce drawings of the original clerestory and stained glass windows so that exact replicas could be made, allowing the whole clerestory to be re-glazed exactly as it once was.

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