AR2 » Cranbrook Court

Cranbrook Court


Subject: Refurbishment of an existing care home and a two storey extension

Site: Thesiger Road, Penge

Status: RIBA Stages: A-B

Value: £1,500,000

Details: The aim for this project was to form a 20 bedroom class C2 residential care home, using an existing 2 storey building containing assisted living studios and flats. Our proposed scheme included a two storey extension to the rear of the existing building, elevation treatment and a large amount of internal re-configuration, providing a much improved internal layout and intimate external spaces on a very restricted site. The sub-division of the spaces took into account the existing window locations so as not to affect the existing fabric of the building, thus limiting the impact on the exterior works. A new elevation treatment was applied to the external elevations breaking up the continuous elements of existing brickwork and new cantilevered balconies were proposed to match the existing style of elevations. A new canopy was proposed over the main entrance door, in line with the new elevation treatment to help tie the whole building together and highlight the entrance for visitors.

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