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AD Plant – Beverley


Subject: Anaerobic digestion production plant with associated buildings and works including combined heat and power plant

Site: Leven Bypass, Catwick, Beverley

Status: Unknown

Value: Unknown

Details: The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant is a large multi-building site containing a number of new buildings and structures. The primary use of the site is to create biogas which is used to fuel a combined heat and power plant that supplies power to the National Grid. The proposed structures on the site vary in height and size, but due to its location on relatively flat land, it was purposefully designed that the proposed tanks were lower than usual, not appearing unduly large, incongruous or dominant upon the surroundings. The layout and progression of plant and buildings across the site is dictated to by the process involved. Due to the nature of the proposed use, the external appearance of the plant and tanks to be provided on the site are wholly functional. Whilst the industrial buildings are constructed from traditional farm building materials such as horizontal timber boarding, gabion stone walls, smooth faced concrete and metal profiled cladding which are co-ordinated in a simple yet modern way. A new reception building was designed as a modern contemporary pavilion with a horizontal emphasis and flat roof contained within a parapet. Intending to stand as a counterpoint to the proposed industrial buildings, the pavilion is discreet, modern and most importantly set at a human scale.

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