Planning Permission

What is Planning Permission and do I need it?
In most cases, Planning Permission is a statutory requirement prior to undertaking any development work. However, certain projects are covered by what is termed ‘Permitted Development’ which means that Planning Permission will not be needed.

What Development is permitted?
Generally, domestic projects which fall into a permitted development category will be of a very small nature such as single storey house extensions & conservatories under a certain height (leaves level not more than 3.0m high). However, other rules do apply and you must satisfy the Local Authority Planning Department that your scheme meets the restrictions. For further information visit the Planning Portal

What do I need to do to obtain Planning Permission?
An application must be made to your Local Authority Planning Department whereupon a minimum amount of documentation is required in order for the application to be considered. Generally, this will be as follows:

A scaled plan showing the site area that the proposals cover. This will need to be at either 1/1250th or 1/2500th.
An existing survey drawing of the specific site or existing building.
Drawings showing the proposed Plans, Elevations & Sections of the proposals. These must be to a prescribed scale.
A Design & Access statement. This is a document which tells the Planning Authority how the design was developed and if there are reasons why Disabled people cannot access parts of the proposals.
Completed Planning forms (multiple copies required).
Payment – in order to consider plans the Local Authority will charge you a fee.

Once submitted, depending on the type of application made, the Local Authority will normally take 8 weeks to reach a decision. A notification letter should be sent to you in the post after this time period has elapsed.

Navigating the Planning process can be arduous. Ar2 offer a full planning service and are experienced in negotiating with the Local Authority.

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