Party Wall Notification

What is the Party Wall Act?
The Party Wall Act is legislation introduced by Parliament in 1996 in order to reduce disputes arising out of works on or near to common or shared boundaries (Party Walls).

Generally, what falls under the term Party Wall?
Shared walls – walls between terraced & semi-detached properties etc.
Any excavation near a shared boundary – works near a boundary fence, wall or hedge.
New works on or near a boundary.

What do I have to do to fulfil my obligations under the Party Wall Act?
If your development falls under the act you must inform those parties affected. This should be undertaken by means of a written letter and preferably include the details of your proposals and how they will affect the party wall.

The recipients of the notice letters then have three courses of action, as follows:

Not to do or say anything – under the act if this happens you have to treat this as an objection to your scheme.
Send a written letter of objection to you.
Send a written letter notifying you that they do not object to the works.

When do I have to notify under the act?
The written notice should be forwarded to the affected neighbours at least eight weeks prior to construction starting on site.

What happens if I get an objection to my scheme?
If someone affected by your works decides to object they must then appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to act on their behalf. However, you must also appoint a Party Wall Surveyor who can mediate for you until an agreement is made. Construction work should not start until the matter in question is resolved.

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