Building Control Approval

What is Building Control approval and do I need it?
Building Control approval is a statutory requirement and a legal mechanism to ensure that what you are proposing meets relevant safety and environmental policies etc..

What do I need to do to obtain Building Control Approval?
An application can be made to your Local Authority Building Control Department whereupon a minimum amount of documentation is required in order for the application to be considered. Generally this will be as follows:

A scaled plan showing the site area that the proposals cover. This will need to be at either 1/1250th or 1/2500th.
An existing survey drawing of the specific site or existing building.
Construction drawings showing proposed Plans, Elevations & Sections of how the new proposals will be constructed. These must be to a prescribed scale.
Completed forms (multiple copies required).
Payment – in order to consider plans the Local Authority will charge you a fee.
A further fee will also be payable after the Building Inspector has made his first visit to the site.

Private firms also offer a Building Control service as an alternative to the Local Authority and you are at liberty to use these.

One point to remember

Some approvals have an expiry date and failure to start your project within a certain time period could result in you needing to re-apply.

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